Food waste collection

We provide a weekly food waste collection;including all types of cooked and raw food and leftovers. Please place food waste in your:

  • brown bin

Silver caddy

Use the silver caddy in your kitchen; empty the contents into the larger brown food waste bin; or, put food waste directly in the brown bin.

Please do not wrap food waste in newspaper, kitchen roll or plastic bags. 

Top tips

Use an approved compostable bag – sold at supermarkets and other shops - to line your food waste caddy.

Don’t leave food waste uncovered before you place it in the silver kitchen caddy as flies can lay eggs during this time

Remove moisture from the food before it goes into the silver food waste caddy.

If you use compostable bags to contain your food waste then squeeze the air out once they are full to reduce smells. Keep the lids of the containers closed at all times and on the brown food waste bin keep the handles in the locked position

Keep your bins clean with used dish water. The silver caddy is dishwasher safe.

Keep your silver food waste caddy and your brown food waste bin out of direct sunlight which might warm up the waste, this will help to reduce smells and flies

Keep your bin lid closed at all times to prevent animals and flies getting in.

Some essential oils such as citronella and tea tree oil are natural insect repellents. Try smearing your bin lid with one of these if flies are a problem.

If the bin is broken please contact the waste team for a replacement: charges may apply.


Contact information

Contact the waste team.
  • 01494 586 550