Request a new bin

Exchanging your bin

Smaller or larger sized wheeled bins are available upon request.

Requests for bigger bins are subject to successful application and periodic review.

A delivery charge of £7 for each container is payable in advance.

Replacing or repairing a damaged bin

We will repair or replace any damaged bins and boxes provided for domestic use, if you are able to present the damaged bin for exchange. Failure to present the damaged bins will mean that we are unable to repair or supply a replacement.

Please be aware we may charge for replacements. Contact us on 01494 586 550 or email for advice.

Ordering a new bin

For any new development it is the responsibility of the developer, or the new occupier in the second instance, to request and pay for waste containers.

New occupiers must ensure that the previous occupier has left the containers. If the new occupier can't find the containers, they can request a replacement container. This service may be subject to a charge.


Charges for wheeled bins
140, 180, 240 or 360 litre* £40
660 litre £225
1100 litre £250
Charges for wheeled bin exchanges
140, 180, 240 or 360 litre* £7
Charges for recycling boxes
Box and lid £6
Charges for food waste containers
Outdoor food recycling container Free for residents, for a limited time only.
£5.50 for developers.

* Please be aware that unless determined otherwise, we will supply new or replacement containers in the following 'standard' sizes:

  • 180 litre black wheeled bin for rubbish
  • 240 litre green wheeled bin for garden waste
  • 240 litre blue wheeled bin for mixed recycling
  • 55 litre green/black box for paper recycling
  • 23 litre brown food recycling bin

How to order

To request a new or replacement bin, bag or box:

Subject to a successful request, we will arrange for the delivery of the bin, bag or box within 10 working days.

Your responsibilities

Please note:

  • occupiers are responsible for any wheeled bins and recycling boxes that we have issued
  • where a wheeled bin is lost or stolen, occupiers are responsible for purchasing a replacement
  • when moving house, occupiers must leave any containers behind for the new occupant
  • developers are responsible for purchasing containers for new builds

Bins for new builds

If developers choose not to purchase containers from us, they must ensure that the containers they purchase conform with our specification and demonstrate that wheeled bins are EN 840 compliant.

If developers purchase their own containers, any damage, loss or wear and tear is at the owners risk. We will not take responsibility for repair or replacement or the associated costs.

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