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Tom Burt's Hill


Tom Burt's Hill is located between Marlow Hill and Carver Hill Road in High Wycombe. Access to the open space is from a number of directions: Wordsworth Road, Shelley Road, Kingsley Crescent, Loakes Road and West End Street.

Please note: you may not use remote controlled vehicles (including drones) or metal detecting equipment on any Buckinghamshire Council open space in the Wycombe area.


This is a large open space, which has great views of the town centre. It is a peaceful location used by people for dog walking, office workers taking a lunch break and people just walking.

The site is split into two areas. The open space which is the top end leading from Shelley Road down to Loakes Road and the area between Loakes Road and West End Street which is woodland.

We remind dog owners to clean up after their dogs by placing dog poop in the red bins provided. We appreciate your co-operation as it helps keep our parks clean and safe for all users.