Desborough Recreation Ground


Desborough Recreation Ground is located between the West Wycombe Road, Eaton Avenue and Mill End Road. Car access is from Fryers Lane (off the West Wycombe Road) which leads directly into a small car park for the recreation ground.

Sports facilities

There are also two football pitches and three hard tennis courts. The tennis courts are free on a first come first serve basis.

Please note: you may not use remote controlled vehicles (including drones) or metal detecting equipment on any Wycombe DC open space.


The recreation ground is an attractive and quiet area in this busy part of the town. It is bounded on both sides by the River Wye. There are benches in various locations so that you can to sit and admire the views. There is a popular play area.

Dog walkers also use the area. We remind dog owners to clean up after their dogs by placing dog poop in the red bins provided. We appreciate your co-operation as it helps keep our parks clean and safe for all users.