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Allotments: unparished area of High Wycombe

We provide allotments mainly in the unparished part of High Wycombe. Our allotments are managed by Quadron Services on our behalf. Email to apply for an allotment.

View allotment locations on My Wycombe:

The plot sizes are between approximately 125 and 250 square metres The rental charge is dependent on the size of the plot and is reviewed annually. All sites with the exception of Back Lane have a water supply and some sites have off road parking.

Allotments: parished area

In parished areas of the district, allotments are normally provided by your local parish council. Contact your local parish council for more information.

You can find which parish you live in on MyWycombe.

Hints for new tenants

  • If you have no tools, buy only the essentials - spade, fork, hoe, rake and trowel
  • For your back's sake do not rush your digging. It is best to start in the autumn
  • If a plot is badly weeded over, it is best to skim the top off and then to dig it
  • Make sure you remove roots of plants such as docks, dandelions and couch grass as these will grow again. Breaking up the roots in the ground will produce even more plants
  • Start a compost heap. Make a wooden frame to contain all vegetable material, which will rot down. You'll probably need a second heap - one for composting and one being filled. Learn about home composting (external website).
  • Do not start sowing seeds in the open too early, as many seeds are lost through setting in cold, wet ground. April/May is the best time when the ground warms up a bit
  • You will need to water plants that are being transplanted, but watering of most plants once they have been established is generally of no help. There is no substitute for a good drop of rain. Wetting the surface with a light watering only encourages a lazy root system
  • Aim to get a succession of crops throughout the year
  • Plant some flowers to make your plot more colourful

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