Fly tipping

Report dumped rubbish

To report dumped rubbish (also known as "fly tipping)":

We are responsible for removing rubbish dumped on public land. We aim to do this as quickly as possible, but this depends on the location, amount and type of rubbish dumped.

Dumping rubbish - it's a crime

Dumping rubbish is illegal. Anyone caught dumping or dumping rubbish in the district will be prosecuted. Offenders can:

  • Be fined up to £50,000 and/or face a prison sentence and a criminal record
  • Face an unlimited fine and/or five years in prison if the case goes to crown court

If rubbish is dumped from a vehicle, the person in control of the vehicle could also be prosecuted.

Help us stop dumped rubbish

Waste removal and illegal dumping

Householders have a duty of care to check that anyone removing their waste is a registered waste carrier. This includes waste removed as part of building work, DIY work and house clearance.

Failure to check is a criminal offence. You can carry out a check by recording the registration number of any vehicle removing waste. This means that if it is later dumped illegally, the perpetrator not you should face prosecution.

Check the Environment Agency's public register of waste carriers (external website) or phone their authorisations team on 03708 506 506.