Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one that has been permanently discarded by its owner. We will investigate all reports of abandoned vehicles.

If deemed abandoned, we can remove abandoned vehicles from public land.

If deemed abandoned, we can remove abandoned vehicles from private land.  We must give landowners 15 days’ notice and have their written permission before removing abandoned vehicles from private land.  

To be classified as abandoned a vehicle usually meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • untaxed and not in use
  • no MOT
  • no current registered keeper
  • significantly damaged, run down or un-roadworthy
  • vandalised, e.g. broken windows, flat tyres, lacking number plates, contains waste
  • burnt out
  • stationary for a siegnificant amount of time (3 weeks or more)

When is a vehicle not abandoned?

Please do not report a vehicle as abandoned just because it is:

  • untaxed
  • uninsured
  • illegally/dangerously/badly parked
  • recently crashed or broken down
  • obstructing utilities
  • obstructing vehicle access

Cases of obstruction, untaxed and uninsured vehicles can be reported to the police by ringing 101.

Untaxed vehicles can be reported on the gov.uk website (external website)

What to do if you identify an abandoned vehicle

  • Never enter or touch an abandoned vehicle - it may have been used in a crime or pose a health and safety risk
  • Never approach a burning vehicle or burnt out vehicle - materials may be harmful. If a vehicle is on fire call the fire service immediately. If already burnt out contact us
  • Report it to us

Report an abadoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

What happens next

If we believe the vehicle may be abandoned, we will investigate and inspect the vehicle.  If deemed abandoned, we will affix a notice to the vehicle, advising of the Council's intention to remove and scrap the vehicle. If the owner does not contact the council or remove the vehicle within the specified time, we can arrange for its removal and, if necessary, destruction.

We don’t have to remove abandoned vehicles if the cost of moving the vehicle to the nearest highway is unreasonably high (for example, if special machinery is needed), unless the vehicle is on a carriageway.


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