Local recycling centres

Closure of recycling centres

We have now completed the removal of our recycling centres.

Residents across the district receive a comprehensive, kerbside recycling collection and we also collect extra recycling when presented alongside recycling bins on collection day.

  • Extra paper and cardboard can be presented alongside your recycling bins, large cardboard boxes need to be flattened, folded or cut to a manageable size, roughly 1 meter squared and stacked neatly next to your bins.
  • Extra mixed recycling needs to be presented in a suitable container, either a plastic or cardboard box, please do not use carrier bags or bin liners.

Please see our Policy Document [PDF - 636KB] for further guidance or contact us if you have any further questions.

Residents can also take household items to the Household recycling centres.

Bucks CC Recycling Centres

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