Garden waste

Service update - Thursday 19 March

The garden waste service is currently suspended. For more information see: garden waste suspension

You can recycle your garden waste with our kerbside collection.

green-binCollection details

We collect garden waste every two weeks.

Place it loose in your:

  • green wheeled bins
  • green reusable bags (for households where wheeled bins are not suitable)
  • green bins for flats

We will provide a separate garden waste collection subject to an assessment or request.

We collect

  • garden waste – fallen fruit, leaves, grass clippings
  • cuttings – small branches (maximum diameter 6 centimetres), twigs and tree prunings, hedge trimmings
  • non-noxious weeds, dead plants and flowers

We send garden waste for composting.

We can’t collect

  • plastic carrier bags or bin liners
  • compostable liners
  • food waste
  • paper or cardboard
  • rabbit, guinea pig or chicken bedding
  • large branches or timber
  • soil, turf or rubble
  • plant pots
  • noxious weeds like Japanese Knotweed
  • plants containing toxins such as but not limited to Rhododendron, Yew, Ragwort and Hemlock
  • plants treated with agricultural chemicals

Please don’t use plastic, paper or corn starch bags to line the whole or part of the bin as the compost facility won’t accept these.

Extra garden bin

You can order a second garden waste bin at a cost of £70 per year.

The garden waste service is currently suspended. For more information, visit: garden waste suspension

Top tips

Please be careful:

  • not to overload your green bin or compress too much green waste into it as overweight bins cannot be emptied
  • we  are only be able to empty the green bin once the weight has been reduced

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