Battery recycling

You can use our kerbside service to recycle most household batteries.

clear-bagCollection details

We collect batteries for recycling as and when required on your recycling collection day.

Place loose in small clear bags with your other bins/bags on collection days.

Replacement bags

To order replacement clear bags:

Alternatively, you may use your own small clear bag. Please note, therse will not be returned.

We collect

  • used household batteries (sizes AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt, buttons)
  • mobile phone batteries
  • laptop batteries
  • power tool batteries

Please seal the bag and place it on top of your blue wheeled bin or blue reusable bag on that collection day.

We won't accept

  • damaged or leaking batteries
  • car batteries
  • other industrial batteries

We will be replace these bags as and when you use them.

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