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Private waste removal

You may wish to use a private waste carrier to collect waste from a domestic property. For example, to collect waste from building work, DIY work or from a house clearance.

See local waste removal for a list of private waste carriers. Please note that the council does not endorse any of the carriers.

Check if a waste carrier is authorised

If you need to arrange a waste collection by a private waste carrier, the law says you must use a registered waste carrier.

To check if a waste carrier is registered as a waste carrier, search the Environment Agency's public register of waste carriers (external website) or phone their authorisations team on 03708 506 506.

Failure to check is a criminal offence. However, recording the registration number of any vehicle removing waste will mean that if it is later dumped illegally, they should face prosecution and not you. 

Report illegal waste dumping

  • See Fly tipping to report waste being dumped illegally.