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Request a new bin

We can replace, repair or exchange your bins and consider requests for larger wheelie bins. We charge for some services.

Service update

A new contract for recycling, waste and street cleansing will start on 7th September 2020, which will bring significant benefits and improvements for our residents. 

Whilst we move from one contractor to the next there may be some delays completing your request. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Purple rubbish sacks

Please note, if you have used your annual allocation of purple rubbish sacks, you will receive your next delivery by the end of March 2020. In the meantime, we will collect general rubbish in non-purple rubbish sacks on your collection day, up to a maximum of 4 rubbish sacks per household.

Apply for a smaller or larger bin


Smaller bins

Anybody can apply for a smaller (140 litre capacity) bin.

Larger general waste bins

For general waste, you can apply for a larger bin (360 litre) if: 

  • you are a family of six or more; or
  • you have two children in nappies

There is a delivery charge of £12 for each container which must be paid in advance.

Larger recycling bins

We will consider all requests for additional recycling bins, bags or boxes. There is a delivery charge of £12 for each container which must be paid in advance.

Request smaller/larger bin

Apply for a replacement or repair a damaged bin

We will repair or replace any damaged or lost domestic bins and boxes. You must place the damaged bins at the usual collection point so that we can collect them when the replacement is delivered. Deliveries usually take up to 10 working days to be delivered - see Bin deliveries update above.

Please note: we may charge for replacements (see charges below).

Request a replacement/repair

Lost bins

Our crews return your bins to your property. If your bin or box does go missing, please check with your neighbours first. If you still can't find your bins, please request a replacement.

What it costs

We may charge for replacement bins. You must place the damaged bins at the usual collection point so that we can collect it when the replacement is delivered. Deliveries can take up to 10 working days to be completed.

Charges for wheeled bins
140, 180 or 240 litre* £42
360 litre £50
660 litre £236
1100 litre £262

Charges for wheeled bin exchanges
140, 180, 240 or 360 litre* £12

Charges for recycling boxes
Box and lid                        £7

Charges for food waste containers
Outdoor food recycling container £6

* Please be aware that unless determined otherwise, we will supply new or replacement containers in the following 'standard' sizes:

  • 180 litre black wheeled bin for rubbish
  • 240 litre green wheeled bin for garden waste
  • 240 litre blue wheeled bin for mixed recycling
  • 55 litre green/black box for paper recycling
  • 23 litre brown food recycling bin


Apply for a new bin for a new development


As a new occupier, you must ensure that the previous occupier has left the bins or boxes. If you can't find the containers, please request a replacement container and be aware that we may charge for this service.


For new developments, the developer must apply and pay for new bins. If the developer doesn't apply for bins, then the new occupier must apply and pay for new bins.

Apply for a new bin

If developers choose not to buy their own bins, they must ensure that the containers conform with our specification and demonstrate that wheeled bins are EN 840 compliant. If you do provide your own containers, any damage, loss or wear and tear is at the owners' risk. We will not take responsibility for repair or replacement or the associated costs.

Your responsibilities

Please note:

  • you are responsible for any wheeled bins and recycling boxes that we have issued
  • all containers are council property
  • where a wheeled bin is lost or stolen, you are responsible for purchasing a replacement
  • when moving house, you must leave any containers behind for the new occupant
  • developers are responsible for purchasing containers for new builds 

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