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Putting my bin out

Help us

When you put your bins out on your bin collection day, please:

  • place all waste in the bin or box provided with the lid closed flat and the box lids secured
  • put your bins, bags or boxes out at the edge of your property boundary by 7am on collection day
  • position your bin or bags and boxes to prevent any obstruction
  • ensure collection vehicles have access
  • take your bin, bags or boxes back in after collection

Help you

We will:

  • collect your recycling and general rubbish
  • provide wheeled bins (or reusable bags) and recycling boxes to all suitable properties (charges may apply)
  • resume collections as soon as possible following any disruption to the service 

Assisted collections

We can make special arrangements for residents who struggle to put the bin out at the boundary of the property for collection.

Request assisted collection

Missed bin?

Please wait until 4pm on the day of collection before reporting a missed collection. Collections may take place at different times each week or there may be traffic problems or other delays.

Please make reports within 1 working day of your collection day.

  • See Bin updates: for reported service problems and to report a missed bin collection.

If we don’t empty your bin

If your bin or bag contains an item we can’t recycle then we will not empty it. One item might contaminate a whole load and won’t be accepted at the recycling centre. 

Contaminated bins

Check if we've left a tag on your bin. If your bin is contaminated and you are unable to remove the incorrect items from your recycling container, you can request a contaminated bin collection for a fee.

Request contaminated bin collection

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