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Bin updates

We publish updates about missed collections and your waste and recycling service here.  

Collections update

Garden Waste Collections

Garden waste collections resume on Tuesday 18 January according to the revised schedule below. Normal collections resume from week commencing Monday 24 January.


Buckinghamshire Council's separate food waste collections for the Chiltern and Wycombe areas restarted from Monday 13 December. From this date, residents should put out their food waste in its separate brown bin on their usual collection day. 

I don't have a food waste bin. How do I get one?

You can purchase a food waste bin online at Request a bin or by calling Customer Services on 01494 586550.

Can I have more than one food bin as I have a large family?

Yes, you can purchase an additional food waste bin online at Request a bin or by calling Customer Services on 01494 586550.

Why is it important to separate food waste now the service is back?

The food that is collected for recycling across Buckinghamshire is turned into energy to power our homes and also a high quality fertiliser for use on agricultural land. The more we can recycle, the better for the environment. Reducing the amount of food going into general waste significantly reduces costs to the council to dispose of general waste and the cost savings can be used instead to enhance services.

Do you have to use compostable bags for food recycling?

No. You can line your caddy with compostable bags or any of the following: 

  • clear plastic bags
  • freezer bags
  • carrier bags
  • pedal bin liners
  • salad, bread and cereal wrapping
  • newspaper

We cannot accept black bin liners, rubble sacks, and hard plastic packaging.

For further information on composting at home and recycling please visit Recycle for Buckinghamshire.

Service updates

Missed collections must be reported within 24 hours (1 working day) of the scheduled collection day. For properties with Friday collections, misses can be reported up to the end of following Monday. This is to help align the policy across Buckinghamshire.

Christmas catch up collections

Please remember that collections will be happening later than usual due to the Christmas Holidays. Please check the table below, your collection calendar, or online for your revised collection days.

Normal Collection DayRevised Collection Day
Monday 17 January Tuesday 18 January
Tuesday 18 January Wednesday 19 January
Wednesday 19 January Thursday 20 January
Thursday 20 January Friday 21 January
Friday 21 January Saturday 22 January

Friday 21 January

All rounds to complete.


Recycling - Desborough - Friday 21 January
Carrington Road, Desborough - Due to parked cars

Recycling & Garden - Saunderton - Thursday 20 January - still no access
Shootacre, Saunderton - Due to roadworks

Garden - Princes Risborough - Thursday 20 January - still no access
Burton Lane, Princes Risborough - Due to roadworks and parked cars

Communal General Waste - Speen - Wednesday 19 January - still no access
Speen C of E School, Flowers Bottom Lane, Princes Risborough - Due to painting new lines in school car park  

General Waste - High Wycombe - Monday 17 January - still no access
Bank Street, High Wycombe - Due to roadworks


Thursday 20 January

All rounds to complete.  

Wednesday 19 January

All rounds to complete.


Garden Waste - Cressex - Tuesday 18th January - CLEARED
Sycamore Road, Cressex - Due to parked cars

Tuesday 18 January

The following rounds were unable to be completed today due to sickness. For those affected, please continue to present your bins for the crews.

Garden - Princes Risborough

  • Willow Way
  • Angood Close
  • Stratton Road
  • Broad Leys
  • Manor Park Avenue
  • Mount Way
  • Court Close
  • Church Street
  • High Street
  • Jasmin Crescent
  • Park Street
  • Elmdale Gardens
  • Clifford Road
  • Merton Road
  • Bell Lane
  • Duke Street
  • Church Lane

Garden - Askett

  • Kingsmead
  • Crowbrook Road
  • Askett Lane
  • Letterbox 
  • Casden Road
  • The Holloway
  • Peters Lane
  • Upper Icknield Way
  • Westfields
  • Church Lane

Recycling- Naphill

  • Louches Lane
  • Bayley Gardens
  • Hychenden Close
  • Oakeshott Avenue 
  • Cherrycroft Drive 
  • Wellhouse Way 


  • Scrubbs Lane
  • Forty Green
  • Holly Green lane
  • Almond Way
  • St Teresa 
  • Whiteleaf Golf Club
  • Askett
  • Dunsmore


Round 10 - Recycling - Wooburn Green - Friday 14th January - CLEARED
Mayfield Road, Wooburn Green - Due to roadworks 

Monday 17 January

All rounds will be completed. 


Report a missed bin

Before reporting a missed collection, please check that:

  • there are no planned changes to your service: see My bin collection day
  • paper and cardboard was in your paper box, not inside your blue recycling bin
  • your recycling was loose and not wrapped in plastic bags or bin liners
  • the correct container was placed at the edge of your property boundary before 7am there are no scheduled service changes, including bank holidays
  • there isn’t a label attached to the bin explaining why it was not collected

Missed bin reports for Wycombe are managed on the Chiltern area website.

Report a missed binIn the Wycombe and Chiltern area