Bin updates

We publish updates about missed collections and your waste and recycling service here.

Service problems

Changes to waste services due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Due to the developing situation and latest advice regarding COVID-19, waste services are currently opperating with a reduced number of staff.

As a result, some waste services have been suspended. This allows our available staff to focus on collecting general rubbish, recycling and clinical waste, helping to minimise disruption for our residents.

Garden and food collections are currently suspended.  Please see below for further details.

Service update - Monday 6 April

Recycling (mixed and paper & card)

Service Status

The recycling service is opperating as business as usual. Your recycling will be collected on your next scheduled collection day. 

We are unable to return for containers that were not collected during the period of service suspension (Monday 23 March - Friday 27 March).

Advice for residents

If your recycling collection was due during the period of suspension, please present extra recycling neatly next to your bin in a reusable container (or cardbaord box) on your next collection day.

If you are not able to store your recycling, it can be disposed of in your general rubbish bin or bags, on your usual collection day. However, to support crews, we kindly ask that residents contain all their waste within their bin (with the lid shut flat) or bags (max 4 per collection).

Due to current social distancing measures, the Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) in Buckinghamshire are closed. Please do not visit these sites to dispose of your recycling.

Food Waste

Service Status

 The food waste recycling service is suspended until further notice.

Advice for residents

Food waste should be put into your general rubbish bin, which will be collection on your usual general rubbish collection day.

To help reduce waste put in the general rubbish bin, you can home compost: fruit and vegetable peelings, seeds and cores, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and filter paper, paper towels or tissues (not if they have touched meat).

You cannot compost: cooked food, fish, meat or dairy products (these must be put in your general rubbish bin).

To find out more about home composting visit:

For tips on how you can reduce food waste visit:

We recognise the benefits of our weekly food collections, both for residents and the environment. This change is only temporary and we will reinstate the separate food waste recycling collections as soon as possible. During this service suspension, your food waste will be disposed of appropriately at an energy from waste plant, and will not be landfilled.

Garden waste

Service Status

Suspended in Chiltern and Wycombe from Friday 20 March until further notice. This includes renewals.

Advice for residents

Garden waste materials are not hazardous if left for longer than two weeks and can be home-composted. Please store the waste until the service resumes. Please do not log a missed collection for garden waste.

Due to current social distancing measures, the HRCs in Buckinghamshire are closed. Please do not visit these sites to dispose of your garden waste.

General Rubbish

Service Status

The general rubbish service continues as business as usual. There are no current planned changes to collection frequencies or days.

Advice for residents

To support our crews, we kindly ask that residents contain all their waste within their bin (with the lid shut flat), or bags (max. 4 per collection).

Medical waste (including COVID-19 waste)

Sharps and sack collections are occuring as business as usual. Customers should request collections as they usually do (sharps only).

For information on how to dispose of waste from possible cases on COVID-19 and cleaning of areas where possible cases have been (such as disposable cloths and used tissues), visit: CODID-19 waste (external link)

Bulky waste collections

Service Status

New bulky waste collections are suspended. If you have previously booked a bulky waste collection, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your booking.

Advice for residents

Owing to the current situation, and closure of HRC's to the public, we advice residents to store their bulky waste items until it is safe for disposal options to resume.

Household Recycling Centres (HRCs)

All HRC's across Buckinghamshire are closed to the public until further notice. Please do not visit these sites to dispose of any waste.

Bin deliveries

Service Status

Bin deliveries are suspended until further notice. We will be contacting residents who have placed orders before Friday 20 March to discuss their delivery.

Advice for residents

If you do not have a bin or your bin is broken, we will collect your general waste from single use sacks and your recycling from a reusable container. These sacks and/or container(s) must be provided by the householder.

Missed bin collections

Before reporting a missed collection please check the information below. 

Please note : Garden and food waste collections are suspended.  Please do not log a missed collection for these bins.

We have received reports from the following roads where we have been unable to make collections and/or gain access. If your roads is listed below, please do not report a missed bin as we are already aware and aim to rectify this within 48 hours of this update.

Collections update - Monday 6 April

  • Fawley - Benhams Lane
  • High Wycombe - Beech Road, The Pastures, Princes Gate
  • Naphill - Church Lane

Collections update - Friday 3 April

  • Hazlemere - Rose Avenue
  • High Wycombe - Hithercroft Road, Lawsone Rise, London Road, Spearing Road

Collections update - Thursday 2 April

  • Downley - Littleworth Road
  • High Wycombe - Chairborough Road, Hennerton Way, Tinkers Wood Road
  • Princes Risborough - New Road

We are sorry for any inconvenience these delays may cause.

We also post service updates across social media:

Please check there are no planned changes to your service: see My bin collection day

Please also check that:

  • paper and cardboard was in your paper box, not inside your blue recycling bin
  • your recycling was loose and not wrapped in plastic bags or bin liners
  • the correct container was placed at the edge of your property boundary before 7am there are no scheduled service changes, including bank holidays
  • there isn’t a label attached to the bin explaining why it was not collected

Please do not log a missed collection for garden or food waste as these collections are currently suspended.

Report a missed bin