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Delivery and Site Allocations Update 2010

On Friday 25 June 2010 we published an update to the draft Delivery and Site Allocations document (DSA). Public consultation on this update closed on Friday 23 July 2010.

The Delivery and Site Allocations document forms part of the Wycombe Development Framework and addresses development topics and site specific policies. The document provides the detail to implement Wycombe's Adopted Core Strategy.

Previous consultation has taken place on this document in February 2007 (Imagine the Future 4) and June 2009 (Imagine the Future 5). The Update 2010 document provides an update on a limited number of key issues that form part of the Delivery & Site Allocations document. It focuses on those issues where there were options still under consideration from the Imagine the Future 5 consultation in June 2009, together with any significant new issues that have arisen since (see the Q&A sheet available to download below for a list of issues covered in this update).

The Update report is available to view and download below. Information sheets which summarise key issues are also available to download below. A number of background documents have been published which inform the main update report - view the background documents in the Wycombe Development Framework, under the heading of technical studies.

A consultation report which summarises the representations submitted as part of this consultation is also available to download below. This consultation closed on Friday 23 July 2010.


As part of the Update, two public exhibitions were held on the updated proposals for RAF Daws Hill and Abbey Barn South. Stakeholders and members of the public were invited to attend these exhibitions and submit their comments on the proposals.