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Schedule of new transport improvement lines

Appendix B - Schedule of New Transport Improvement Lines

1) London Road / Hatters Lane Junction. This proposal is within the existing Highway boundary.
2) Kingsmead Recreation Ground Access Road. This is a proposal to provide a link from A40
3) Queens Road to Princess Gate. Development Control Line to facilitate the Connection of the High Wycombe to Bourne End Cycle / Walk Link

High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan Highway Changes

The following table sets out the changes proposed to the highway network within High Wycombe town centre as part of the town centre masterplan. The proposed changes are based on the concept design set out in the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan - Highways Design Report (Jacobs, April 2012).

Where the proposed highway changes require the use of land outside of the highway boundary it is proposed to designate a Transport Improvement Line along the route of the proposed change and/or at the location of the identified junction improvement. Where no requirement for an improvement line is identified, highway changes proposed take place within the existing highway boundary.