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DSA Plan Examination technical reports

A number of technical studies and reports have been produced to inform and support the proposals set out within the Delivery and Site Allocations Plan. These studies form part of the technical evidence base of the Delivery and Site Allocations Plan.

You may find it of use to consult the DSA Plan - Evidence Base Index (document CD1.10) which sets out a list of the available documents. Technical reports (section CD3) are available to download from this page. The publication documents (section CD0), process documents (section CD1) and key current background papers (section CD2) are available at DSA Plan Examination Library. Sections CD4, CD5 and CD6 are available on DSA Plan Examination Additional Background Reports.

The following documents are available to access direct from the website of the organisations which produced them:

CD3.2.12 Manual for Streets 2: Wider Application of the Principles is available to view in hard copy format at our offices on Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe. Electronic and hard copies of the document can be purchased from The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (external website).


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