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Delivery and Site Allocations Plan Examination

The Delivery and Site Allocations (DSA) Plan contains a mix of development management and site specific policies which cover sustainable transport, town centres, retail environment and infrastructure. There is a particular focus on delivering regeneration and improvement to High Wycombe town centre, as well as policies aimed at supporting Marlow and Princes Risborough town centres.


We formally submitted the DSA Plan to the Planning Inspectorate on 21 September 2012. In line with Regulation 22(3) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, the submission version of the DSA Plan and accompanying documents are available to download below.

Examination Hearings

The Plan is now subject to formal public examination by an independent planning inspector. The Planning Inspectorate appointed Inspector Paul Crysell BSC MSC MRTPI to conduct the examination. The examination hearings took place between Tuesday 18 December and Thursday 20 December 2012 at the Council offices in Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe. All documents relating to the hearings, including those submitted during and following the hearings, are available to download below.

Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications

Between 8 March 2013 and 4.45pm on Friday 19 April 2013, following consideration by the Inspector, at his request we consulted on various proposed main modifications that are considered necessary by the Inspector to make the DSA Plan sound and legally compliant. The changes related to some specific policies and changes to the Policies Maps and a summary schedule is available to download below.

It should be noted that this public consultation was concerned only with the proposed modifications and not with the other parts of the DSA Plan that had already been subject to public consultation and had been fully considered during the examination.

The proposed main modifications are set out in CD7.17 Proposed Main Modifications to the DSA Plan available to download below. This consultation is now closed. Received responses may be viewed in the documents to download.

Following the examination hearings, we have also published an updated version of the Sustainability Appraisal to the DSA Plan, including appraisals of the proposed main modifications where appropriate. The updated Sustainability Appraisal is available to download below.

Consultation on implications of the partial revocation of the South East Plan

On 25 March 2013, the Regional Strategy for the South East was partially revoked by the Government. Inspector Paul Crysell requested an opportunity be given to any participant in the DSA Plan examination process to identify if there are any implications arising from the revocation of the Regional Strategy for the DSA Plan. We consulted on this between 26 March 2013 and 4.45pm on Friday 19 April 2013. This consultation is now closed. Received responses may be viewed in the documents to download.

We wish to thank all those who have submitted comments, which have been passed direct to the Inspector for his consideration. The Inspector will have regard to the views expressed, including the need for him to re-open the examination.

Further information on the revocation of the South East Plan can be found on our Development Plan page.

Inspector's Report

The Council has now received the Inspector's report on the Delivery and Site Allocations Plan. The Inspector has found the plan sound subject to a number of modifications.

The Inspector's report and summary information on the report is available to download below.

Next Steps

The Council is proposing to have adoption of the plan agreed at Cabinet and Council meetings on 16 July, after which it will form part of the development plan for Wycombe in the determination of planning applications.

Programme Officer

Lynette Duncan of LJD Associates has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the examination. The Programme Officer is independent from the Council and is responsible for assisting the Inspector with all aspects of the examination administration. Any procedural questions, suggestions or difficulties should be raised with the Programme Officer who will take them up with the Inspector if necessary. Please do not send any responses on the Proposed Main Modifications direct to the Programme Officer.

The Programme Officer can be contacted by phone on 07855 649 904, by email at or by post:

Lynette Duncan
LJD Associates
20 Anerley Close
Allington Park
ME16 0RR

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