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Coronavirus impact on planning enforcement site visits

Physical site visits

Where possible site visits will be undertaken remotely by using photos, videos and video conferencing. Physical site visits will only be carried where necessary and inspections cannot be fully completed remotely.

Notice for site visits

In many cases site visits will be pre-arranged. However the scope of the service and variety in types of site visit mean that this is not always possible.

Information to provide prior to a site visit

To maintain the safety of everyone involved, please let us know:

  • Who will be on site at the time of the visit, such as owners/occupiers, staff or family.
  • If additional people will be there, such as agents, architects and consultants.

Preparing for a site visit

Please ensure:

  • All gates, doors and accesses are left open and windows ajar if inside.
  • Social distancing can be maintained at all times, which may mean that a limited number of people are inside at one time.

Ensuring safe site visits

Coronavirus risk assessment

Prior to entering the premises, our officers will carry out a site specific risk assessment in regards to the coronavirus. If they feel that they are putting themselves at risk, they will not undertake the visit.

Social distancing

Our staff will expect to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and explanations and discussions will take place outside. To ensure social distancing and give to consideration to people who are vulnerable or shielding, where needed, our officers will communicate with you by phone during the visit.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for officers

Our staff will wear face masks where appropriate, such as indoors with other people present, and will have their own hand sanitiser. Normal site visit PPE such as safety boots, hard hats and hi-vis jacket will be worn as necessary.