Pre-application planning advice

Before you make a planning application, we recommend that you use our pre-application planning advice service. We can check that you are on the right lines before you apply. This could save you time and money and improve your chances of having your proposal approved.

We offer six levels of pre-application advice depending on the size complexity of a proposal.

  • Level 1A - district or town-wide impact (large scale major sites)
  • Level 1B - district or town-wide impact (small scale major sites)
  • Level 2 - neighbourhood impact (major sites)
  • Level 3 - street impact (smaller sites)
  • Level 4 - householder development (smaller sites)
  • Level 5 - specialist advice (tree, conservation and listed building issues)

We do not charge for advice related solely to the following:

  • B1 business - Offices (other than those that fall within A2), research and development of products and processes, light industry appropriate in a residential area.
  • B2 general industrial - Use for industrial process other than one falling within class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste).
  • B8 storage or distribution - This class includes open air storage

Apply for for pre-application advice

Apply for pre-application planning advice

  1. Complete the form to start the process to discuss a proposed planning application
  2. Enclose the relevant fee as set out in the request form, payable by cheque to Wycombe District Council
  3. To pay for your enquiry by credit or debit card please leave a contact telephone number on your application form and we will contact you to take payment

Member and officer involvement in the pre-planning application process

See Member and officer involvement guidance note [PDF | 33KB] for some general rules for member and officer involvement at the pre-application stage. It provides specific guidance on:

Members, stakeholders and the public: the types of consultation that can take place at the pre-application stage.

Pre-application developer presentations to members and stakeholders: this provides guidance on the form and content of such meetings.

Direct decision-making member involvement in negotiation: this sets out when it may be appropriate for a Member to take part in negotiations on a planning application.

Contact information

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  • Telephone: 01494 412 246