Planning constraints

Most planning constraints (circumstances which could affect your property) and policies are shown on the Local Plan proposal map. Designations including flood plain or Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are linked to policies which explain in detail what impact they could have.

Most of the constraints are shown on our interactive local plan proposals map.. By clicking on the relevant "constraint" in the map key, appropriate policy information on how this would affect planning proposals relating to your property is available.

Details of planning policies and constraints are available on My Wycombe. The "My property" tab shows a summary of selected policies and constraints for any address in the district.

You can see the full set of policies and constraints in the My Maps tab. Click on the "My maps" tab. Select "Local plan" from "Map choices" in the side panel.

You can also find out how planning constraints may affect your property by phoning our customer service centre on 01494 461 000.

Flood risk

The flood plain is shown on the local plan proposals map.

See GOV.UK - Environment Agency (external website) for more information regarding flood risk and how this affects your property

Contaminated land

See contaminated land guindace on GOV.UK (external website) on how this might affect your property.

Tree Preservation Orders

Find out about Tree Preservation Orders.

Conservation areas

The location of all conservation areas are shown on the local plan proposals map. More about conservation areas.

River Wye Corridor

Revive the Wye Project Review 2010 [PDF | 657KB]: sets out aims and objectives for the conservation and enhancement of the River Wye as part of a partnership project started in July 2007

River Wye Advice Note [PDF | 1.7MB]: guidance to protect and enhance the River Wye environment; originally produced to fulfil recommendations made in the River Wye study carried out in 1992

Listed buildings

Find out about listed buildings.

Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

See Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) (external website) for general information about the Chilterns AONB.

For the location, see the local plan proposals map.

Article 4 directions

Some building works, such as erection of fences, is classed as "permitted development" and can be carried out without the need for formal planning permission from the council. In situations where such development may harm the character of an area, however, the council is able to make an "article 4 direction". The effect of this direction is to take away "permitted development" rights, meaning that planning permission will be required.

Several plots of agricultural land within the district have been purchased, divided into small plots and offered for sale. To protect the character of the countryside many of these plots of land have been made subject to an article 4 direction preventing the erection of fences and so on.

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