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Public Access is the home for planning application details. Use the quick search to find an application.


Advanced search with Public Access

  • See Public Access: for advanced search; view, comment and track planning applications

Use Public Access to:

  • view and comment on planning applications
  • comment on an application - please register first
  • read comments, using the “documents tab”
  • search the list of applications received each week
  • track the progress of an application
  • view historic applications
  • view information and progress on appeals lodged with the Planning Inspectorate
  • view property details by reference to a map
  • view enforcement notices served since 2001
  • view building control applications
  • view license applications

Publishing planning documents

We publish planning application documents on Public Access; this includes decisions and appeals. By searching Public Access you agree to the terms and conditions of use.

Public Access automatically removes some application background papers six months after decision to comply with the Data Protection Act.

To view a missing document contact us quoting the application reference number and name of the document you would like to view.

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