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Comment on a planning application

How to make a comment

The easiest and best way to comment is online using Public Access. You will need to create an account to make comments online. Search for an application and then click on the comments tab.

Computer terminals are available at our office to view and comment on planning applications.

Comments may also be made by email. Please quote the planning application reference number, the case officer and the site address.

Comments should:

  • object to or support an application on planning grounds
  • provide a name and address (which will be made public)
  • comment within the stated deadline.

Due to high volumes, we cannot acknowledge receipt or respond to your comments directly. However, we will consider every comment.

Will my comments affect the decision?

For your comments to affect the decision, they must be made on planning grounds, such as:

  • loss of privacy
  • loss of light
  • car parking
  • traffic generation
  • noise and disturbance
  • character of the area
  • green belt
  • conservation area
  • design, appearance and layout
  • national and local policies

Matters not normally taken into account include:

  • loss of value to property
  • loss of view
  • personal disagreements
  • boundary disputes
  • covenants
  • commercial competition
  • construction disturbance
  • Sunday trading
  • matters controlled under other legislation such as building regulations

Planning petitions

Petitions should state names, addresses and the objections or supporting comments of those signing it.

Considering your comments

All comments received will form part of a public document, filed on the application file and available for public viewing online. Please don’t supply details you don’t want published.

We may ask applicants to amend their application to overcome concerns. At the case officers discretion, we may reconsult to allow further comments on an amended application.

Contact information

Planning and building control opening hours and contact information