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Princes Risborough town plan

New local plan: What's ahead for Princes Risborough?

Our planners were at the Risborough festival street fair on Saturday 8 July 2017.

Princes Risborough Town Plan: April 2017 update

The Princes Risborough Town Plan is no longer being produced as stand alone plan, but will be incorporated into the new Local Plan which will cover the whole of the Wycombe district. We hope to publish the next version of the plan in the summer of 2017.

For information relating to Princes Risborough see:

Risborough Area Residents Association petition

On 3 April 2017 we received a petition from the Risborough Area Residents Association (RARA), which was presented at a meeting of the Full Council. A report giving consideration to this petition was presented at the meeting of the Council's Cabinet held on 5 June 2017. 

In considering this petition we would like to draw attention the following documents that we have previously produced and have now updated:

Please see Risborough Area Residents Association (external website) for more information on the nature of the concerns raised. 

See also Risborough Area Residents Association correspondence for our responses to the concerns that were raised.

Results of consultation, February to March 2016

Disruption to viewing applications online
From Wednesday 24 February to Friday 26 February, you may experience issues when viewing planning, building control and licensing applications online due to maintenance work. If you are unable to access these applications, please try again later.


We consulted on a draft version of the Princes Risborough town plan between February and March 2016. We have now prepared a report summarising the key issues raised following the consultation, including next steps.

Consultation, February to March 2016

Princes Risborough, like many towns and villages all over the country, faces the challenge of piecemeal development. Without a robust plan in place we have no real power to ensure that we are in control of how the town develops. Over the last two years we have had to accept that the choice is not between growth and no growth, but between planned growth and unplanned growth.

Together we need to find the right local solution for the future of Princes Risborough. Over the last couple of years we've run a series of local meetings and exhibitions and right from the beginning, both our organisations - Princes Risborough Town Council and Wycombe District Council - have been working very closely together. By listening to the feedback we've had from public exhibitions and workshops and testing the technical evidence we've shaped a bespoke draft town plan for Princes Risborough.

In July 2016 we produced a pair of background notes. The first sets out a brief explanation of how we arrived at the housing numbers we have for Princes Risborough and what is proposed elsewhere in the district. The second sets out the responses to some of the key issues which were raised as a part of the consultation held in February - March 2016.

Draft town plan contents

The Princes Risborough Town Plan (PRTP):

  • Allocates an expansion area to the town for around 2,000 to 2,500 homes to contribute to the district's objectively assessed needs.
  • Allocates land for business as an expansion to the Princes Estate.
  • Secures new and improved infrastructure to accompany the growth proposed, most significantly, major new road infrastructure which the plans depends on in the context of major development here.
  • Provides a strong green infrastructure framework for the growth of the town.
  • Sets out opportunities for improving the town centre and railway station area, including proposals for the public realm, retail and parking.
  • Designates land at the Molins sports ground for sports and recreation.


Large version of the context diagram from the draft Princes Risborough Town Plan, showing the expansion area. [PDF | 2.3MB]

Public exhibitions

We held a public exhibition on 25 and 27 February 2016 so local residents could find out more about the draft Princes Risborough Town Plan. For those who were unable to attend the exhibitions, we have reproduced the display boards from the exhibition below: 

Supporting illustrations

The draft Princes Risborough Town Plan contains a total of 11 diagrams and figures which support and illustrate the concepts and policies discussed within the document. They are reproduced below in high resolution:

Supporting evidence

We've produced reports to support the draft Princes Risborough Town Plan. These include:

General evidence

Housing and economy



Infrastructure delivery


Sustainability appraisal (SA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA), and habitats regulations assessment (HRA)

Water and flooding

Sports and leisure


Princes Risborough Steering Group

The Princes Risborough Steering Group is responsible for working together to actively assist and guide the development of the Princes Risborough Town Plan. The group will work towards a high quality sustainable development through enabling people directly affected by the development, local stakeholders and councillors, and the wider community of Princes Risborough to foster the progress of the master plan and AAP.

The Princes Risborough Steering Group is chaired by Matthew Walsh. The officer looking after this project is Rosie Brake.

Risborough Area Residents Association correspondence

The Risborough Area Residents Association (RARA) was founded in 1988 to represent the interests of people living in the civil parishes around the town of Princes Risborough. Following the close of the consultation on the draft Princes Risborough Town Plan, we received a series of letters setting out their considered opinions on a range of issues including roads, rail, available jobs, schools, doctors and the impact on the Chilterns AONB. 

Previous public consultation and events

Regulation 18 consultation

Between 11 November 2015 and 23 December 2015, we held a consultation to ask what stakeholders and customers felt the new Princes Risborough Town Plan should contain, as part of the statutory consultation stage (Regulation 18 Consultation). The comments received as a part of this exercise, and earlier consultations on the wider options for the Wycombe District Local Plan, were taken forward as a part of the consideration as we prepared a draft version of the Princes Risborough Town Plan.

July 2015 public exhibition

We shared a draft master plan scenario for the expansion of the town with the townspeople for your input and comment during July 2015. This was supported by the following public engagement events:

  • Saturday 11 July - we had a stall on the High Street as part of the Annual Town Festival.
  • Friday 17 July - we hosted an exhibition and drop-in session at the Risborough Community Centre.

As a part of the exhibitions we have a set of seven display boards.

28 January 2015 public exhibition and meeting

On 28 January 2015 we held a public exhibition, followed by an evening meeting about the future of Princes Risborough. Both events were very well attended and we would like to thank all who attended.

Additionally, Network Rail also held a public exhibition on 28 January 2015 on railway crossings on the Risborough - Aylesbury line.

September 2014 exhibition event

On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 September we invited local people to visit a special exhibition at the Risborough Community Centre. We also held an online survey to collect your views. This survey is now closed, and we thank everyone who took part for taking their rime to share their views.

Our consultants, Tibbalds, have produced a series of seven boards for the future of Princes Risborough event which set out the various issues and options for the town.

Contact information

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  • Telephone: 01494 421 538