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New local plan: timeline

This page refers to consultation on the Wycombe district local plan publication version in 2017. For current content please see New local plan: examination.

We are developing the Wycombe District Local Plan ("new local plan"), which sets out our planning vision, objectives and strategy between now and 2033.

The new local plan will:

  • recognise the high environmental quality of the area
  • set out where best to accommodate the homes, jobs and infrastructure we need in the most sustainable way

The new local plan will replace the Wycombe District Local Plan: made up of the core strategy (2008) and the Local Plan (adopted 2004).

New local plan development stages

To date

Community conversations, 2012 and 2013: to inform, advise, and shape the direction of our new local plan options for consideration.

Options consultation, February to April 2014: set out a range of options for consideration based upon evidence collected, housing and strategic needs. We consulted on these options to help develop more detailed proposals.

Draft Wycombe District Local Plan, June to August 2016: a more detailed draft plan with draft policies to deliver our vision and objectives. We consulted on the draft plan in advance of preparing a final draft for public consultation.

Princes Risborough town plan, February to April 2016: now forms part of the new local plan development.

Publication version of the Wycombe District Local Plan, October to December 2017: based upon previous consultation, this is our proposed submission to the planning inspector who will hold a public examination of the draft plan.

Submission of the Wycombe District Local Plan, March 2018: we submitted our Local Plan, the supporting evidence, and copies of the representations received (at publication stage) to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Public examination of the Wycombe District Local Plan, July to September 2018: the Secretary of State has appointed Nicola Gulley MA MRTPI to conduct an independent examination into the soundness and legal compliance of the Wycombe District Local Plan. The examination hearings began on 16 July 2018 and ran until 26 July 2018. The hearings resumed on 4 September 2018 for a further two weeks. Following the close of hearings, the inspector will issue her report and make recommendations. 

Current stage

Planning Inspector' Report on the Wycombe District Local Plan, July 2019We have now received the Planning Inspector’s report on the Wycombe District Local Plan. The Inspector’s report concludes that the Wycombe District Local Plan provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the Wycombe area, subject to a number of changes known as ‘Main Modifications’.

In the future

Adopted Wycombe District Local Plan: this will be the final plan adopted by Wycombe District Council following the inspector's recommendations. Planned: August 2019.

Supporting evidence

New local plan examination: supporting evidence: the new local plan is evidence based. There is a large library of supporting documents setting out the evidence at each stage of the process.