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New local plan options consultation: responses

This page refers to consultation on the Wycombe district local plan options consultation in 2014. For current content please see  New local plan.

We received over 1,700 responses from stakeholders to our recent consultation on a new Local Plan for the Wycombe District. The responses offered comment and objection on a wide range of subject areas and issues.

The responses have been collected together and are available in batches of 50 responses in the documents to download section of this page. For convenience, and to assist in finding comments on a specific subject area, we have produced an index to the consultation responses (pdf, 801 KB)

In order to find a particular response, first locate the group of 50 responses which includes the one you are looking for in the documents to download section. Once you have opened the file in Adobe Reader or a similar program, access the "find" function, which is accessed under the edit menu in the current version of Adobe Reader, or by using the key combination "CTRL" and "F". If you then type in the response number from the index document, you will be taken to the original text of the response.

Please note that all responses have been redacted to remove personal contact details, and other information where this was specifically requested.

Please also note that some of the data presented in these files are scanned-in images of the responses received and therefore not accessible to screen-readers. If you require a more accessible text format, please contact us at, letting us know the references of the responses you would like to see.