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Draft Wycombe district local plan: rural areas

This page refers to consultation on the draft Wycombe district local plan in 2016. For current content please see  New local plan.

The following text has been reproduced from the leaflet distributed to every household and business in the area in late June 2016.

Protecting the beautiful countryside and helping rural communities thrive are key priorities in the plan. New development of the right scale and character can ensure this. The draft plan proposes sites in several villages.

Local-plan-Lane-End-proposals-June-2016Lane End

The following sites could each provide a limited number of homes:

  • Land off Finings Road (1)
  • Land off Simmons Way (2)
  • Land off Ellis Way (3)
  • Land off Marlow Road (4)

In addition:

  • Land to rear of Sidney House is proposed to be taken out of the green belt. (5)


The recent appeal decision allowing 160 homes off Boxer Road (site A on the Plan) will significantly increase the size of the village.

The plan is proposing other potential sites that were previously included in the (now withdrawn) neighbourhood plan. Additional homes could be provided on the following sites:

  • Land at Thame Road/Bar Lane (1)
  • Land at Rose Farm (2)
  • Land off Thame Road (south of Chestnut Way) (3)


  • Land off Mill Road could provide a large site for homes. (1)
  • Land adjoining Stokenchurch Business Park –extending the business park could provide more jobs. (2)




Local-plan-Naphill-Walters-Ash-proposals-June-2016Naphill/Walter’s Ash

  • Land off Clappins Lane – releasing this site from the green belt could provide a limited number of homes. (1)
  • RAF Walter’s Ash – we are proposing to take this site out of the green belt because it is already developed. (2)




Gypsies and Travellers

The draft plan also sets out options for how we meet the needs of the gypsy and traveller community, including potential site options.

Comment on the draft local plan

Consultation now closed

Please note: due to its late publication, the deadline for comments on the  Sustainability Appraisal is midnight 22 August 2016.