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Draft Wycombe district local plan: leaflet introduction

This page refers to consultation on the draft Wycombe district local plan in 2016. For current content please see  New local plan.

The following text has been reproduced from the leaflet distributed to every household and business in the district in late June 2016.

The big challenge

This plan sets out the long term future for the district identifying where new homes, jobs and infrastructure (for example transport,schools, open spaces) will be created and how we will protect our special environment. We need to make a fair contribution to the critical need for housing, and we need to protect our wonderful countryside from unnecessary development. It is not easy but we believe we have struck the right balance and met the challenge.

In 2014 we consulted you on these big challenges we faced in preparing our new Local Plan. We have spent two years preparing detailed studies and making sure this plan responds to the feedback we’ve gathered from local residents through written comments and face to face events.

We have been given a tight timetable by the government to produce this plan, which is why we are consulting you now on this draft. The plan involves difficult choices. We are still working on the plan, and this is your chance to help us refine and improve the plan before it goes off to the government Planning Inspector. This is your chance to help us shape the future.

Please use it. Our consultation closes on 8 August 2016.

Cllr Katrina Wood, Leader, Wycombe District Council
Cllr David Johncock, Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability, Wycombe District Council

Chilterns AONB

Most of Wycombe district is covered by the Chilterns area of outstanding natural beauty. An AONB is exactly what it says it is: a precious landscape whose distinctive character, scenic quality and natural beauty are so outstanding that it is in the nation’s interest to safeguard it. This national status means that this land is as important as national parks like Snowdonia or the Lake District. Therefore, councils would need to have extremely good reasons for allowing major development in that area.

Green belt

The green belt is a policy designation which aims to prevent urban sprawl. The quality of the landscape is not a reason for its designation.

Making it all add up: planning to 2033

71 per cent of the land in the district is part of the Chilterns area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) and 48 per cent of the land in the district is designated as part of the green belt. They are protected by national planning policies.

We will use a limited amount of district’s green belt land to help meet our need for homes and jobs – less than 1 per cent. This is a similar amount of land that we added to the green belt in 2008.

15,000 - the number of homes to meet our housing need, according to the government’s set method.

10,000 - the target number of new homes we plan to deliver up to 2033 within Wycombe district (the target in our old plan was 8000). Some of these are already in the pipeline, some will be new proposals.

50 per cent - around half - of those10,000 new homes would be put on brownfield sites.

5,000 homes is the shortfall – also called our "unmet need". We are working with Aylesbury Vale District Council to reach an agreement for them to help us accommodate our shortfall within their local plan.

Princes Risborough

The draft local plan does not include specific proposals for Princes Risborough because these are set out in a separate document - the Princes Risborough town plan. We held a specific local consultation to present the town plan to local residents between February and March this year. We are reviewing the comments we received and continuing our active dialogue through the Princes Risborough Steering Group and other key stakeholders to refine the plan we have already shared. This includes further detailed work to explore alternatives for road infrastructure, particularly in the Shootacre Lane/Culverton Farm area.

Contact information

Contact the planning team by web form


  • Telephone: 01494 421 538

Comment on the draft local plan

Consultation now closed

Please note: due to its late publication, the deadline for comments on the  Sustainability Appraisal is midnight 22 August 2016.