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Draft Wycombe district local plan: Marlow

This page refers to consultation on the draft Wycombe district local plan in 2016. For current content please see  New local plan.

The following text has been reproduced from the leaflet distributed to every household and business in the district in late June 2016.


Growth opportunities are severely limited at Marlow with a large area in and around the town covered by the Thames floodplain, AONB as well as green belt areas. The draft plan proposes:

  • Seymour Court Road – release of a very small site from the green belt for a few homes. (1)
  • Oak Tree Road – considering the option of taking land out of the Green Belt for housing at the northern end of the road. (2)

Also in the pipeline:

  • Globe Park – working with the local business community, the county council and Highways England to improve access to Globe Park, and provide more parking with in it. (3)

Comment on the draft local plan

Consultation now closed

Please note: due to its late publication, the deadline for comments on the  Sustainability Appraisal is midnight 22 August 2016.