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Draft Wycombe district local plan: High Wycombe

This page refers to consultation on the draft Wycombe district local plan in 2016. For current content please see  New local plan.

The following text has been reproduced from the leaflet distributed to every household and business in the district in late June 2016.

Local-plan-High-Wycombe-proposals-June-2016High Wycombe area

This is the largest town in our district. It is the main focus for new development. We are proposing development on the reserve sites, brownfield land (like the former Wycombe Marsh site) and some green belt sites.

  • Queensway - land near the allotments could provide a new cemetery whilst staying in the green belt (1)
  • Land Off Amersham Road (Tralee Farm) releasing this large site from the green belt could provide homes and green areas. Further land adjacent to this site is being considered by Chiltern District Council. (2)
  • Land off Penn Road, Hazlemere – considering the option to take this land out of the green belt for new homes. Further land adjacent to this site is being considered by Chiltern District Council. (3)
  • Wycombe Air Park could be used to attract new businesses and create new jobs. It would mean intensifying how the existing site is used and identifying some undeveloped land and the airfield will remain in use. This would involve making some changes to the green belt boundaries to allow controlled expansion whilst the remainder of the airfield remains in the green belt. (4)
  • Land off Horns Lane—taking this land out of the green belt could provide a limited number of homes. (5)
  • High Heavens – land next to the household waste recycling centre could be used for low value industry. This would involve changing the green belt boundary including around the waste recycling centre. (6)
  • Bassetsbury Lane –these disused allotments (which are contaminated) could provide starter and affordable homes. (7)
  • Land off Glynswood (Green Hill) – releasing this site from the green belt could provide a limited amount of homes. (8)
  • Leigh Street area – this brownfield land has scope for housing and business development to help regenerate the area. (9)

Reserve sites

There are four sites in and around High Wycombe already earmarked for development. These are:

  • Abbey Barn North— could provide a limited number of homes. (10)
  • Abbey Barn South (proposed to now include the adjacent Wycombe Summit site) could provide homes whilst retaining the woodland ride. (11)
  • Gomm Valley and Ashwells could provide homes whilst retaining extensive green areas. (12)
  • Terriers Farm – (proposed to now include the adjacent Terriers House site) could provide homes whilst retaining a green gap. (13)

We have created liaison groups made up of local representative bodies, residents and landowners working on a detailed development brief for each site which potential developers will have to adhere to.

Planning applications are expected for these sites in 2016.

In the pipeline

New homes and jobs are being provided at:

  • Hughenden Avenue sites – development has already started at Hughenden Quarter with homes for the elderly, a new link road and environmental improvements. The draft Local Plan has further proposals to improve the environment of this area. (14)
  • Daws Hill – homes are already being built on this former RAF base. (15)
  • Town Centre Masterplan – we are making the town centre a more attractive place to come to and the first phase of the improvements along Oxford road and Westbourne street has already been completed. Look out for information about the next phase running along Desborough Road and the old gas works site. (16)

Junction 3a

Highways England is looking at different ways to improve access to High Wycombe from the M40 but this project falls outside the timescales for preparing this local plan, so we are not dealing with this issue in this plan.

Comment on the draft local plan

Consultation now closed

Please note: due to its late publication, the deadline for comments on the  Sustainability Appraisal is midnight 22 August 2016.