Longwick-cum-Ilmer neighbourhood plan

On 9 October 2015, Longwick-cum-Ilmer parish council submitted a proposed neighbourhood plan for formal consultation. Consultation on the plan took place between Monday 19 October 2015 and Monday 30 November 2015.

Plan withdrawn

The plan was submitted for examination in December 2015. The examination by Mr Nigel McGurk has now been completed.

Mr McGurk in his role as examiner has the power to pass, modify, or reject a neighbourhood plan. He has made recommendations which essentially removes the limit to development outside of the settlement boundary and severely restricts the ability to control where and how development should take place. It also removes the need for sustainable transport to be provided before new development takes place.

It is our view that if these recommendations were accepted, the plan would not achieve sustainable development. For this reason, at their meeting on Wednesday 24 February, Longwick-cum-Ilmer Parish Council decided to withdraw their neighbourhood plan. As a result, the plan will not be proceeding to referendum, and the examiner's report does not hold any material weight in the decision process for assessing planning applications.

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Longwick-cum-Ilmer submission neighbourhood plan documents

The following documents were produced by Longwick-cum-Ilmer Parish Council when they submitted their proposed neighbourhood plan for formal consultation.

The proposed plan is supported by the following documents:

During the consultation on the proposed Longwick-cum-Ilmer neighbourhood plan we received a total of 20 responses from a range of interested parties.

The proposed plan followed consultation on a draft plan which took place in between 8 June and 21 July 2015, and the designation of the Longwick-cum-Ilmer parish as a neighbourhood area on 2 March 2015.

Longwick-cum-Ilmer submission neighbourhood plan schedule of evidence

Longwick-cum-Ilmer parish council provided the following documents as evidence to support their neighbourhood plan.

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