Slate Meadow reserve site

This is a flat site of pasture fields adjacent to the River Wye. It is highly valued by the local community as a strategic separation between the settlements of Wooburn and Bourne End. Reflecting this, the northern-most segment of the site was designated as a registered village green in 2003. The site's riverside location means that some of the area falls within the flood plain.

Public workshops

Our consultants, AR Urbanism, ran an all-day workshop event on Saturday 14 March. Following the event they produced a report of their findings and the key points raised at the meeting.

Planning performance agreement

We have signed a planning performance agreement, or PPA, with Friends Life Limited, for the service of agreeing a development brief including a framework masterplan for adoption by WDC and pre-application advice.

Slate Meadow PPA [PDF | 3.6 MB]

Slate Meadow liaison group

The Slate Meadow liaison group has been set up to provide a forum for local stakeholders to play a proactive role in helping set key parameters for the way this sites should be developed in a managed way and to help shape development briefs to inform any planning applications that are submitted by developers.

The reserve site's liaison group is chaired by Paul Rogerson. The WDC officer looking after this site is Charles Power.

Liaison group membership

  • Paul Rogerson (chairperson)
  • Jeanette Adair
  • Cllr Julia Adey
  • Cllr Mike Appleyard
  • Miriam Blazey
  • Simon Fowke
  • Caroline Kay
  • Cllr Julia Langley
  • Elizabeth Levings
  • Charlie Nicholson
  • Mike Overall
  • Jim Penfold
  • Cllr Tony Lee
  • Cllr Michael Reeves
  • Cllr Sue Wagner

Liaison group minutes and papers

Contact information

Web form: Planning team


  • Telephone: 01494 421 158