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Princes Risborough expansion


Our local plan expands Princes Risborough by about 2,500 homes, including a high level of affordable housing and a good mix of sizes and types. The expansion will create a local centre close to the new northern primary school, with shops, a pub, community spaces and room for business start-ups.

We are aiming for:

  • neighbourhoods and facilities that are highly accessible to the town and railway station, with walking and cycling the natural choice for short trips
  • high quality design, including a high level of environmental sustainability with many homes having electric vehicle charging points, renewable energy features

As well as about 2,500 new homes, we're also proposing a number of other developments.

  • to help take traffic off the main A4010
  • tree planted avenue with pedestrian/cycle path
  • road improvements, including a new rail bridge at Summerleys Road and Grove Lane


  • to run between the railway station, town centre, expansion area and Longwick


  • sports hub with pitches and club house
  • home for a rugby club and allotments
  • green corridor around the Crowbrook stream for nature conservation and flood management
  • off-road walking and cycling routes in wide green lanes, and links to the countryside
  • open space and play areas
  • attractive flood management measures for people and wildlife 


  • to be built next to the green spaces and play areas


  • a step-free route for walking and cycling through the railway embankment at Wades Park, providing easy access between the town and expansion area
  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists on Mill Lane and Longwick Road
  • stepped footbridge near Monks Risborough Station



  • Southern road links, including the Summerleys Road Bridge improvements, will be built by around 250 homes, and the relief road all linked up by around 1400 homes. Widening of the B4009 by around 1700 homes. By 2140 homes, delivery of A4010 traffic calming package. By that point the Relief Road to become the new A4010. 
  • Also by 2140 homes, improvements to the town centre – linked to the expansion (Other improvements may come forward before then, linked to regeneration of town centre sites).
  • The first primary school will come on stream at about 450 homes, and the second one at 1,400 homes.
  • A new bus service will be provided by half way through the development linking to Longwick, the town centre and the railway station.
  • The new £5m sports hub will be provided by about 800 homes. There will be a separate rugby pitch, and the Molins Sports Ground is also likely to be brought back into use.

Background information and supporting documents

You can view further background information and supporting documents on the Princes Risborough expansion on our dedicated background page.  

You can also view the responses to the draft SPD consultation online