Hughenden Quarter proposal

This leaflet provides information about Wycombe District Council's proposal for a new link road through the former Compair site, for which a detailed planning application is to be submitted in late Spring 2010; and provide an opportunity for you to comment on the proposed next phase of the development.


The 'Hughenden Quarter' forms a large corridor of land running between High Wycombe town centre and Hughenden Park, within which lie the former industrial sites of Compair and De La Rue. The availability of these two sites provides an opportunity to restructure this part of the town, by comprehensive redevelopment.

The Wycombe Development Framework adopted Core Strategy identifies the 'Hughenden Quarter' as a 'key area of change'. The former Compair site has been cleared, pending redevelopment for a mix of uses, including business, residential and care uses. The first phase of a development for student accommodation has already been completed at the northern end of the site.

The public have already been consulted on the Council's vision for the 'Hughenden Quarter', as part of the preparation of the Delivery and Site Allocations Development Plan Document in February 2007, and again in July / August 2009.

An essential component of the vision for the 'Hughenden Quarter' is the construction of a new 'link road' running north-south through the former Compair site. This will provide frontage for the development plots and have an additional benefit to the area, easing congestion at the southern end of Hughenden Road.

A planning application will be submitted for the new link road and associated landscaping works. Subsequent future planning applications will detail the proposals for the individual development plots within the site.

The proposed development

The link road park development will comprise a two-way single carriageway road and new signalised junction on Hughenden Avenue, together with:

  • A new park alongside the Hughenden Stream
  • Structural landscaping, including opening up the Hughenden Stream to be seen and enjoyed
  • New planting of native species to enhance and introduce wildlife areas
  • New safe and pleasant footways and cycleways alongside the link road and stream
  • New seating and amenity areas within the park
  • New bus stops along the proposed link road
  • The construction of associated surface water drains and sewers

The new link road and park will have a positive benefit on the local highways and community.

  • The new link road will ease congestion on the local highway network
  • The provision of new bus stops along the link road will encourage greater use of public transport
  • Safe & attractive pedestrian and cycle routes will encourage sustainable travel choices

The new park will be a recreational resource for the local community as well as a pleasant route for pedestrians and cyclists. New seating areas will also encourage people to dwell within the park creating a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Further information on the proposed development will be provided in the planning application.