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Hollands Farm

Hollands Farm is allocated in policy BE2 of the Wycombe District Local Plan for around 467 homes. It is a 23.7 hectare greenfield site, located towards the south of Bourne End between Hawks Hill and Wessex Road.

There are a number of issues and constraints that need to be carefully considered during the development of this site, including:

  • the proximity of the Hedsor Road and Riversdale Conservation Area
  • nearby heritage assets
  • an area of flood risk in the south west corner of the site
  • some surface and groundwater flood risk

Development will need to be carefully integrated with and connected to the village. The traffic impact arising from the development will also need to be addressed.

A development brief will be prepared for the site to address these issues in more detail.

Site map

Hollands Farm map


What's happened so far?

Following the adoption of the Wycombe District Local Plan in August 2019, the site has been allocated for residential uses.

A liaison group has been established (made up of members of the parish council, community representatives, local members and land promoters for the site) to steer the production of a development brief for the site. The Terms of Reference for the liaison group can be found below:

The first meeting of the liaison group took place on Monday 7 October 2019. The agenda and draft minutes can be found below. These minutes will be agreed at the beginning of the next meeting.

What's happening next?

The next meeting of the liaison group is due to take place in January 2020.