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Daws Hill area

The RAF Daws Hill site off Daws Hill Lane was closed as an operational defence establishment in 2007. The site has been sold to the developer, Taylor Wimpey. As it is a previously developed ("brownfield") site, the principle of development on the site is accepted. At a Cabinet meeting in July 2011, we agreed a position statement on housing and land for business. It set out principles for how the RAF Daws Hill site should be developed and has been superseded by the Daws Hill Development Brief (see below). Relevant extracts from the position statement are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Planning application for former RAF Daws Hill site

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At its meeting of 20 November 2013 the Planning Committee determined that the planning application concerning the redevelopment of the former RAF Daws Hill site should be granted permission. Please see the minutes of the meeting for further details.

All documents associated with the application are available on our Public Access for Planning portal, under the case reference 13/05799/FULEA.


See also:

Community consultation: Daws Hill Reference Group

The Daws Hill reference group was set up in September 2011 to act as a channel for communications and member and community involvement. The group was made up of local councillors and representatives from the Daws Hill Residents Association; the Fair Ridge, Foxleigh and Spinney Residents Association, the Flackwell Heath Residents Association, the Heart of Ryemead Community Association, Little Marlow and Chepping Wycombe Parish Councils, and the High Wycombe Society. 

DHRA applications for neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum

In April 2012 DHRA made an application to be designated as a neighbourhood forum, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. They also applied to designate a neighbourhood area. On 10 September 2012 our Cabinet agreed to designate a neighbourhood area, covering a reduced area from the one applied for. We also formally designated the Daws Hill Residents Association as the 'neighbourhood forum' for that area.

Judicial review

On 24 October 2012 the Council was notified by Leigh Day & Co, solicitors acting for the Daws Hill Neighbourhood Forum (DHNF), of a prospective application for Judicial Review of the Council's decision which determined the extent of the area for neighbourhood planning at Daws Hill.

The Council, having considered the grounds of challenge, concluded that the points in issue remain the same as when Cabinet took the decision in September and that the challenge has not brought forward any substantive new issues or considerations which require the Cabinet to review its decision.

Following the challenge Mr Justice Supperstone has now issued the judgement, and the judge has found that the Council acted lawfully in the decision on the Neighbourhood Area.

Court of appeal

Following the judgment of Mr Justice Supperstone, the Daws Hill Neighbourhood Forum challenged the judgment in the Court of Appeal. Following a hearing on 10 & 11 February 2014, Lord Justice Sullivan, Lord Justice Briggs, and the Master of the Rolls have issued their decision and dismissed the appeal. 

Daws Hill development brief, adopted December 2012

The brief has been prepared within the framework of national and local planning policy. It aims to guide negotiations with potential developers and planning decisions, in order to deliver the best possible outcome for the area.

This adopted version was agreed by Cabinet in September 2012 and takes into account comments received during the formal consultation period in the summer and any changes that have been made to the Southern Quadrant Transport Strategy recently adopted by Buckinghamshire County Council. It was formally adopted in December 2012.

Since the consultation in the summer, we have amended the brief to respond to a range of local concerns. These included development density, character and tree retention. We have updated the guidance to accommodate:

  • More parking.
  • Reducing the size of the village centre and repositioning it so that it will be less prominent in views from Daws Hill Lane. It would form part of the new street that runs into the site and potentially link with the business village. It would be integrated within the spacious residential area and be "low key" in nature.
  • Reducing the size of the business centre and locating it further away from Daws Hill Lane and the north/ south footpath. The business centre would be small in scale with a more rural character, set in a high quality wooded landscape made up of existing woodland and newly planted trees.
  • Strengthening the requirement to keep existing trees and modifying the framework to enable the integration of more existing tree groups within a linked open space footpath network.
  • Creating a greater sense of a tree-lined frontage to Daws Hill Lane by pulling back development so that it's further from the Lane.
  • Creating a spacious residential character zone of around 20 to 25 dwellings per hectare along Daws Hill Lane and the boundary with existing residential properties. This would be interwoven between existing trees and include new tree planting in longer rear gardens backing onto existing dwellings.

Daws Hill Development Brief documents

  • Adopted Daws Hill development brief [PDF | 3.36 MB]. This development brief sets out a vision for the former RAF Daws Hill site promoting high-quality development. This document was adopted in December 2012 and takes into account comments made at workshops held in February and April 2012 and since then during the formal consultation period held in June and July 2012.
  • Adopted Daws Hill development brief summary of public comments [PDF | 550KB]. A detailed summary of comments that were raised in the consultation in June / July 2012 along with responses and specific amendments that have been made to the adopted Daws Hill Development Brief.
  • Daws Hill Development Brief Summary Statement of Community Involvement [PDF | 238KB]. Report detailing all the community consultation work that took place to inform the development brief. 
  • Daws Hill development brief: Adoption statement [PDF | 88KB]. This statement sets out where the adopted Daws Hill Development Brief can be viewed and how to seek a review.

Southern Quadrant Transport Strategy

Buckinghamshire County Council's "Southern Quadrant Transport Strategy" covers a much wider area and responds to a series of development proposals on the south side of High Wycombe, including the one at Daws Hill.

 The Local Model Validation Report (LMVR) outlines the steps taken to update a 2006 base traffic model of High Wycombe to reflect conditions in 2010, and presents evidence in accordance with DMRB guidance which demonstrates that it is an accurate representation of existing traffic conditions. 

Daws Hill Development Brief planning performance agreement

The Planning Performance Agreement sets out the procedural arrangements for a constructive and collaborative approach by the lead partners to ensure the delivery of the project. It does not seek to secure the final outcome of the project and gives no guarantee of any planning permission.

Daws Hill Development Brief presentations

Daws Hill Development Brief Summer 2012 Consultation

The draft Daws Hill development brief was made available to the public for comment between 15 June and 20 July 2012.

Daws Hill Area Workshops Spring 2012

A pair of workshops were conducted to inform the development of the Daws Hill development brief. The first was on the topic of strategic traffic / transport, and was held on 28 February 2012. The second was on the topic of masterplanning, and took place on 17 April 2012.  

Technical and background planning documents

A number of technical and other background documents were produced in order to inform the production of the Daws Hill Development Brief.