Abbey Barn reserve sites

Abbey Barn North and Abbey Barn South are two separate reserve sites which are being considered. Owing to their close proximity to each other one liaison group has been set up for both sites.

Abbey Barn North

Abbey Barn North is a natural bowl which is enclosed on three sides by steeply-sloping land and which is adjacent to Deangarden Wood Ancient Woodland. The site contains a large number of trees, shrubs and woodland, and important chalk grassland, which represent constraints to the developable area of the site, as does the topography of the site.

Abbey Barn South

Abbey Barn South is a flat site above the valley which contains arable fields and woodland, including the woodland ride which has historical associations with Daws Hill House. The site is adjacent to the M40 motorway to the south, Deangarden Wood and the former dry ski slope to the north and the former RAF Daws Hill base to the west.

Development brief

Abbey Barn South development brief

Our Cabinet has now adopted the Abbey Barn South development brief [PDF | 11.8MB]. This will inform any planning application submitted for the future development of the site.

Public workshops

Public exhibition of draft Abbey Barn South development brief, 20 to 22 July 2015

We held a public exhibition of the work-in-progress draft development brief at the Wycombe District Council offices from 20 to 22 July 2015. Thank you to all those that took the time to visit the exhibition.

Please see the display material from the exhibition:

We have produced a document which provides a summary of the comments received on the draft Abbey Barn South development brief:

Public workshop, 28 February 2015

Our consultants, AR Urbanism, ran an all-day workshop event on Saturday 28 February. Following the event they produced a report of their findings and the key points raised at the meeting.

Liaison group

The Abbey Barn South and Abbey Barn North liaison group has been set up to provide a forum for local stakeholders to play a proactive role in helping set key parameters for the way these sites should be developed in a managed way and to help shape development briefs to inform any planning applications that are submitted by developers.

The liaison group is chaired by Cllr Hugh McCarthy. The WDC officer looking after Abbey Barn South and Abbey Barn North is Robert Harrison.

The full membership of the liaison group is as follows:

The inaugural meeting of the liaison group was held on Thursday 12 February. View minutes, presentations and agenda papers (where available):

Contact information

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