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Land charge searches

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Local land charges explained

When you buy a house or land your solicitor will usually go through a number of checks to make sure there are no problems that would restrict use or could result in a charge being directed at you as the owner of the property.

As part of one of those checks it is usual to have a local land charges search undertaken. This is usually organised by your solicitor on your behalf, but can also be carried out yourself as a "personal search".

Depending on what questions have been asked, the local land charges search will, among other things, identify:

  • the planning history of the site and any queries arising over its use
  • any planning policies which affect the site
  • any developments directly affecting the site
  • environmental issues affecting the site (eg flood plains and radon gas areas)

See our detailed guidance on local land charge searches, including personal searches.

Land charges information PDF, 367KB 

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Benefits of asking us to carry out your search

  • We are the main source of the information included in your search, so we have the best understanding of what it will mean.
  • We are the only organisation authorised to sign the official form required for a search (form LLC1).
  • We are fully insured, so you don't need to rely on third party insurance.
  • Your search will be accepted by all mortgage lenders.

We offer an excellent service and our turnaround time is 10 working days on average. We are happy to accept search requests by email with payment made online, or by post or DX with payment made by cheque.

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Official searches

A fee is charged for an official search.

All you need to do to submit an official search request is send us:

  • One set of the official request forms. These are known as LLC1*, CON29R** and CON29O**.
  • A clear plan of the area that you want the search to be carried out on clearly outlined in red. (This will enable the land charges team to establish how many parcels of land the search will encompass and calculate the price of the search.)

*LLC1 is the main statutory form used to submit a search and will ask for the basic details recorded against a property but does not show all the information. Please remember to include your email address.

**CON29 is the form that fills in the gaps and answers questions about pending matters. It is split into two sections: the CON29R, which includes important questions that are all required to be answered, and the CON29O, which contains optional questions.

Official search fees

Current fees

Local land charges fees effective from 1 April 2021
DescriptionLLC1CON29RVAT (applies to CON29 only)Total
First parcel of land £28.84 £74.16 £14.83 £117.83
Each additional parcel of land £8.24 £15.97 £3.19 £27.40
CON29O optional enquiries 4

This is not part of a search. Submit your request with a site plan to our planning team: planning and building control contact information. Planning will charge a separate fee for this service - see planning and building control fees.
 -  -  - -
CON29O optional enquiries 5 to 22  -  £13.39 £2.68 each £16.07 each
Development in vicinity enquiry

The area searched against will only involve the properties immediately to the rear, facing and adjoining the main search property. The answer will cover the last five years.
 -  £16.48 £3.30 £19.78
Please note the Land Charges team do not answer additional enquiries other than development in vicinity. For all other enquires contact the relevant council service. Additional fees may apply.  -  -  -  -


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Personal searches

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only and does not provide for the answers that can be found through the additional questions asked on an official search, as detailed above. There is no charge for a personal search.

To book a personal search you need to e-mail us on with a description of the address/plot of land and a clear plan of the area you require searched outlined in red. We will book your request in and will provide you with a date when the search result will be e-mailed back to you.

If an external search company undertakes your search and you need further explanations from the information provided, you will have to go back to the search company, as the Council’s land charges staff will not be able to help you.


Both official and personal searches have information that can be sourced free of charge without the necessity for an official request but some departments may charge for copies of documents, or for access to information that is not publicly available. You will need to ask the relevant department about any charges and whether you need to book an appointment in advance.

Advice on information that is readily available is currently subject to review and will be posted shortly this following changes to the official forms, changes to VAT and case law relating to charges that can and can’t be imposed.

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Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 421 180


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General Guidance

For general help and guidance on buying or selling a home, please click below: