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Whiteleaf conservation area

This appraisal sets out the key features that contribute to the character of Whiteleaf Conservation Area.

Whiteleaf conservation area lies close to White Leaf Cross. Carved into the Chiltern hillside above Risborough. The hamlet is situated on the well treed and steep scarp slop. It's curved main street following the route of the Upper Icknield Way. The hamlet is exceptionally rural in character. The conservation area boundary also includes the cross carved into the chalk of the steep hillside.

There are two groups of historic buildings within the conservation area. To the south is s group of mainly small timber framed cottages, and to the north a more open group of historic buildings. Materials for the vernacular buildings are traditional - brick and flint, timberframing and whitewash are the key features. There is some use of thatch for roofing as well as the traditional clay tile.

Trees and vegetation play a key role in creating a backdrop to the historic buildings, particularly on the upper hill slopes above the main lane. Also of key interest to the setting are the long range views across the Vale of Aylesbury.

There are 12 listed buildings in the conservation area including two groups of terraces.

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