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Southend conservation area

This appraisal sets out the key features that contribute to the character of Southend Common Conservation Area.

Southend Common is located in the parish of Turville, set on the plateau top above its parent village. It is one of a run of heathland settlements, which includes Northend and Fawley Green. The key characteristic of this settlement is the open common at the heart of the conservation area. This is enclosed by a range of traditional vernacular cottages to the north and east, but the overall feel I openness. Further south the presence of woodland leads to a more enclosed feel. Buildings are hidden along small tracks that cross into the woodland. To the west of the main road lies the large former Drovers Inn, a fine flint faced 18th century building which provides a contrast with the cottages opposite on the common. The vernacular cottages include a group of brick estate workers cottages, and older flint cottages. The use of flint is a key characteristic of the settlement, some of which is elaborately dressed with brickwork.

Trees play an important role in this conservation area, particularly to the south. The scrubby woodland has grown up during the past century or so as traditional grazing of the commons has ceased.

The Lodge Cottages to Stonor Park are the only listed building in the conservation area.

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