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Skirmett conservation area character survey

This appraisal sets out the key features that contribute to the character of Skirmett Conservation Area.

Skirmett is set in the picturesque Hambleden valley. It is one mile south of Fingest. There are 13 listed buildings and a listed water pump in the conservation area.

The village has a long linear form, dictated by the road and the Hamble brook that runs down the valley length. The conservation area is in two parts, with some modern development linking the two. At the northern part the boundary expands away from the road to encompass the historic manor of Poynatts, with its grand house, associated estate buildings and parkland setting. Remnants of a Roman villa complex have been found here. This area also includes a cluster of historic vernacular buildings, which have a small scale, are close-knit and exhibit a wealth of architectural styles and materials. North of this grouping are two former churches and chapels, now converted to residential use. Also included in this grouping is The Frog Public House.

In the southern part of the conservation area the historic buildings lie close to the eastern side of the road looking over water meadows to the west. This part has a strong sense of containment, with the closeknit buildings dominating the locality. This is one of the most unspoilt groups of dwellings of its period in the District, including a fine cruck framed cottage. Most date from the 17th to 19th centuries.

The conservation area affords a number of views of the Hambleden valley.

There are 13 listed buildings (some attached dwellings) in the conservation area.

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