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Medmenham Conservation Area Character Survey

This conservation area character survey describes the main features of the special architectural and historic interest which justifies the designation of Medmenham as a conservation area. The full document can be downloaded below.

Medmenham is a small Thameside village at the base of the Chiltern escarpment, midway between Marlow and Henley, where the hills meet the river. The banks of the escarpment and associated tree cover create a sense of enclosure to the village. Historically Medmenham Abbey was associated with Francis Dashwood, Lord Despencer, and the Hellfire Club, although the Abbey itself was founded in the 13th century. Other medieval development in the village is focused around the Church and pub, and at Lodge Farm on the bluff above.

In the late 19th and early 20th century a number of up-market estate cottages and the Laundry, School and Dairy complex were built for the owner of Danesfield House; these buildings have a unique Vernacular Revival style, some are by Romaine Walker, some attributed to Sir Reginald Blomfield. Modern infill has filled many of the gaps along Ferry Lane.