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Hedsor and Riversdale conservation area

This is a large conservation area south of the settlement of Bourne End, and was designated in 1986, and extended in 1991. At some time the two distinct areas of Hedsor Road, and Riversdale were amalgamated to make one larger conservation area. This is a diverse conservation area with a wide mix of building types.

The settlement originally grew up as a result of milling where the Wye meets the Thames, and expanded greatly when the railway came. Hedsor Road itself is a narrow track from the floodplain up to the hills to the north east. The majority of houses here date from the mid to late 19th century, although there are a couple of older cottages. They are likely to have been artisans and workers cottages.

In complete contrast the private roads of Riversdale provide a leafy enclave of riverside villas and mansions. Best viewed from south of the river they include grand houses and associated riverside buildings such as boathouses, with wide lawns leading down to the river. Some later infill has occurred but the general feel of this part of the conservation area is of a leafy Edwardian idyll.

The conservation area character appraisal for Hedsor Road and Riversdale was last updated in March 2018.