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Great Hampden conservation area

The village of Great Hampden lies along a Chiltern ridge top, with tree hung valleys to the south. Much of it is surrounded by woodland, although to the north agricultural fields open out the landscape. The grassy lawn and open green create a field of woodland glades within the tree cover. The conservation area was designated in 1989. This conservation area is split into two parts due to the scattered nature of the settlement. The lower part is focused on Great Hampden Farm and a nucleus of dwellings scattered around it, traditional in form, with local Bucks materials used for construction. In this locality lies the primary school. There are two listed buildings in this part of the conservation area.

To the north west lies the other part of the conservation area, based on the linear form of the settlement as it straggles along the roadside, and ending in a cluster of historic listed dwellings close to the crossroads. Included within the conservation area is the cricket pitch, which is fundamental to the setting of the buildings and an important green space at the heart of the village.