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Four Ashes conservation area character survey

This appraisal sets out the key features that contribute to the character of the Four Ashes Conservation area. The full text can be downloaded below.

Four Ashes is a tiny conservation area which has at its heart the buildings and grounds of Brands House and its associated Farmhouse and agricultural buildings. The setting of Brands House is also included within the conservation area, as are two former Victorian staff cottages.

The estate is now divided by the main road between Kingshill and High Wycombe and this separates Brands House and Rockhall Farm and barns. This separation is enhanced by the differing architectural idioms to each part - the vernacular farmhouse and barns lie close to the road and are visible from it, the main Georgian Brands House and its parkland are screened, but highly visible from footpaths. The country house character of the area remains intact and recently additional land, formerly part of the formal park to Brands house has also been included.