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Cadmore End Common conservation area character survey

This appraisal sets out the important features that contribute to the character of the Cadmore End Common Conservation area. The full text can be downloaded below.

The area known as Cadmore End Common is situated in south west Buckinghamshire high in the Chiltern Hills. To the west lies the Chilterns scarp and to the east is the village of Lane End, beyond which is the built up area of High Wycombe. The hamlet shares a boundary with Wheeler End Common to its north.

In terms of settlement pattern the hamlet is essentially a very large well vegetated common around and throughout which are scattered dwellings in isolation and small groups. The dwellings are accessed via minor tracks and lanes. Some of the oldest buildings in and around the conservation area are farms, many of which have retained some degree of commercial activity. Likewise the area once supported a brick making industry and relics of this remain. Otherwise its somewhat isolated and secluded nature has ensured the hamlet remains small in terms of property numbers.

Buildings in Cadmore End Common range from older farm complexes and cottages to modern detached homes. The settlement developed as a general encroachment on to the Common 'wastes' during the 18th and 19th century and many of the smaller cottages date from this period.

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