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Amersham Hill conservation area

Amersham Hill Conservation Area was designated in 1987 and amended in 1994. It is a linear conservation area to the immediate north of High Wycombe Town Centre, focused on the roads of Amersham Hill and Lucas Road. During the late 19th century many of the more prominent citizens of the town moved up to the hillside from their town houses in the High Street and Easton Street.

The area is characterised by large villa type houses in tree covered grounds, with later modern infill. The layout of plots has a spacious feel linked to the original development of the area as a wealthy Victorian suburb of High Wycombe. Buildings step up the hillside as the land rises gently up towards Amersham Heath. The earlier buildings are Victorian and Edwardian in design and substantial. The Royal Grammar School, to the north of the conservation area, is the only listed building.

A conservation area appraisal was prepared in April 2012 and adopted in November 2012.

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