Apply for building regulation approval

Apply now using the LABC portal

There are two ways to apply for permission to build by:

  • building notice
  • full plans

Use the LABC portal (external website) or you can complete: Building regulations application form [PDF | 37KB]

Building notice

The building notice procedure is simpler but it is only suitable for minor domestic work. You don’t need to provide detailed drawings when you apply, however we may ask for these as work progresses.

A building notice is suitable for:

  • removal of one or two internal loadbearing walls
  • small single storey domestic extension
  • new boiler or other heating appliances
  • new chimney or flue
  • detached garage, carport and outbuildings where not exempt from the building regulations
  • new or replacement windows, rooflights and external doors
  • replacing roof covering new bathroom, shower or toilet
  • new drainage or connection to sewer
  • underpinning cavity wall insulation

You cannot submit a building notice for work to a non-domestic building (except renovation of a thermal element).

Full plans

With a full plans application, we will check your plans and let you know if we need any further information. Once satisfied with the plans we will issue an approval.

Full plans procedure is suitable for:

  • any new buildings
  • extensions or alterations to any building other than small single storey domestic extensions
  • extensive internal structural alterations to any building
  • loft conversions

Fees and charges

A new charging scheme applies from 1 February 2017.

Standard charges

Standard charges still apply for domestic work. The charges for building notices are higher than full plans applications.


We will assess charges for larger projects individually. We will provide a written quotation within two working days; however, we will process most quotations on the same day.

We will assess regularisation application charges individually.

All charges are on the assumption that the person undertaking the design and construction work is competent. If not, there may be additional charges.

If you need an individual quotation or help on the standard charges, please call us.

We are required to make a charge for the work of administering the building regulations:

  • on submitting a building notice all charges are paid on submission
  • on submitting a full plans application the plan charge is paid on submission and usually the inspection charge is paid when the work has started

Pay your inspection fee online

Remember to select 'invoice payments' and insert your 'account number' in the reference field. Please note all charges include VAT.

When can I start the work?

If you submit a building notice, you can start work after 48 hours. If you submit a full plans application, you can start the work when we receive your valid application.

You do not have to wait for the plan approval before you start the work but we recommend that you do, so the builder has approved plans to work with.  In any case, you must notify building control before you start the work.

Choosing a builder

It is important to take time to make sure you choose the right builder.

What if I have already started or even finished the work without proper consent?

You must contact us as soon as possible to discuss the possible options. You can apply for a regularisation certificate for the work.

You will need to contact us to discuss the fee payable.

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