Wycombe development plan

This page refers to current Wycombe planning policy. See New local plan for updates on the developing broad spatial strategy and policy framework for Wycombe District up to 2033.

In considering planning applications, we are required to make the decision in accordance with the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. This has led to the current planning system being often referred to as "plan-led".

The Development Plan for Wycombe district is made up of the following documents:

On 25 March 2013 the South East Plan was partially revoked by Parliament. The revocation order (external website) retains two policies (NRM6: Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area of the South East Plan and policy H2 of the Oxfordshire Structure Plan to 2016) which affect areas outside of the Wycombe district boundary. This means that the South East Plan no longer forms part of the Development Plan for Wycombe district.

We have also set out a timetable for preparing a new Wycombe District Local Plan. This will set housing targets for the district, address other strategic housing issues including housing and mixed use allocations and policies for the protection and provision of employment land. It will review the existing Core Strategy and also review and as appropriate replace all remaining saved policies from the current Wycombe District Local Plan.

Wycombe DC planning policy

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