Residential design guide

This page refers to current Wycombe planning policy. See  New local plan for updates on the developing broad spatial strategy and policy framework for Wycombe District up to 2033.

We have updated our guidance relating to the design of residential developments.

The residential design guidance (RDG) supplementary planning document (SPD) replaces the current guidance given in appendix 1 of the adopted Local Plan (amended July 2013).

It applies to all residential development in the district.

It aims to ensure that all new residential development we build is designed well, contributes positively to the area and is great to live in for years to come. 

What the guidance covers

This guidance is not intended to cover all aspects of design. It deals with the issues that are seen as being most important for Wycombe district including:

  • Character
  • Connections and movement
  • Green infrastructure
  • Parking design
  • Building relationships
  • Flat design

Further sections will be added covering different aspects of design in due course as resources allow.

Housing intensification SPD

This guidance does not replace the housing intensification supplementary planning document (SPD), which remains in force for new development built within existing residential areas. 

How the guidance was prepared

This guidance was prepared following a review of the current guidance and draws on the principles contained in a number of key national guidance documents which are referenced throughout the guidance.

It has been subject to formal consultation from 25 July 2016 to 16 September 2016.

Details of the results of the consultation and changes made to the guidance can be found in the residential design guidance consultation report.

In preparing the residential design guidance we carried out a series of workshops with members, officers and stakeholders in the spring and summer of 2013. The issues we focused on were:

  • parking
  • amenity space
  • what the new guidance should cover


'Quality Counts' tours have focused on residential design, visiting a number of recently completed residential schemes in Wycombe, Aylesbury Vale and South Oxfordshire. We also carried out a survey for residents of new developments. 


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